Write a program to implement a Dictionary of integers which consists of following methods:

- SortedArray(int a) : is a constructor which creates a dictionary of size a.
- void insert(int x) : Inserts element x at its proper position.
o Raise exception Dictionary_Full when dictionary is already full (in case of SortedArray)
o If x already exists, then raise exception Duplicate_Element_Found
- boolean delete(int x) : Deletes element x and returns true if x existed otherwise false.
o If x does not exists, the operation raises the exception Element_not_Found, which handles the exception by returning the predecessor and successor of x if x would have existed in the dictionary.
o If the dictionary is empty, it raises the Dictionary_Empty exception which handles it by returning a message "Dictionary Empty"
- boolean find(int x) : Returns true if x exists otherwise false and raises the exception Element_not_Found.
- void display() : Displays the dictionary's elements in order.
The input for the program must be from the file input.txt. For example, the input.txt might contain the following sequence of operations
I(5) // I for insert
R(7) // R is used for delete
F(12) // F for find
D // D is used for display
The output should be written in a file output.txt. For example, for the above sequence of inputs, the Dictionary will generate the following output: Inserted Element 5
Inserted Element 7
Inserted Duplicate Element
Element 7 Deleted
The assignment is divided into following parts:
PART A: Implement the dictionary using a sorted array. Here you will be required to implement find operation using binary search. The class name should be
PART B: Implement the dictionary using a sorted linked list. Here you will be required to implement find operation using only linear search.The class name should be SortedListTable.

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public class SortedArray {

int[] array;
int size;

public SortedArray(int a)
array = new int[a];
size = 0;

public void insert(int x)
System.out.println("Duplicate Element Found!");
if(size == array.length)
System.out.println("Dictionary Full!");
if(size == 0)
array[0] = x;

for(int i = 0; i < size; i++)
if(array[i] > x)
int temp = array[i], temp2;
array[i] = x;
for(int j = i; j < size; j++)
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