Create an object-oriented program that tracks your progress as a student in this class. The program should keep track of your name and your scores on graded assignments in this class. Since there are ten assignments only the sum of these assignments will be stored instead of each individual assignment. The scores on each individual test and final should be stored separately. The program should allow a student to enter his or her name, to enter a test or final exam score, and to enter an assignment score. All test or final scores must range between 0 and 100. All assignments can only be given one of three scores: 0, 75, or 100. Any time a user enters an invalid value that value will be ignored and not saved.

Since this program is object-oriented it must developed first as a class called Student. This class should store name and the student scores as instance variables. There should be one instance variable for name, concept test 1, programming test 1, concept test 2, programming test 2, concept final, programming final, and one instance variable to represent the sum of the assignment scores. There should also be an instance variable to represent the number of assignment that have been entered. If a user tries to enter more than ten assignments then any additional scores will be not be stored because all ten assignments will have been entered. These instance variables should be made private to hide this information, but there should be ways to access and mutate these instance variables using public methods. This class should also have a default constructor (no parameters) setting the name to blank and making each of the other scores of the student set to 0.   

The second part of this program should be developed in a class called StudentDemo. This class will have a main method inside of it where an object of the Student class will be created. Then the user will be given options to update their name or any of their scores. There should be an option for each test and final and an option to add an assignment. Finally there should an option to look at all the information about the student. This main method should also have a loop to allow this program to continue running until the user chooses the last option which is to exit the program. If the user choose an invalid option then an error message should be printed and the program should continue running until the user chooses to exit the program.

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public class Student {
    private String name;
    * concept test 1, programming test 1,
    * concept test 2, programming test 2,
    * concept final, programming final,
    * and one instance variable to represent the sum of the assignment scores.
    //Instance variabless
    private int concept_test_1;
    private int programming_test_1;
    private int concept_test_2;
    private int programming_test_2;
    private int concept_final;
    private int programming_final;
    private int assignment_scores;
    private int assignment_num;
    private static String professor = "Smith";

    * constructor
    public Student() {
       name = "";
       concept_final = 0;
       concept_test_1 = 0;
       concept_test_2 = 0;
       programming_final = 0;
       programming_test_1 = 0;
       programming_test_2 = 0;
       assignment_num = 0;
       assignment_scores = 0;
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