To properly submit your project for demonstration you must do all of the following:

1) Turn in a hard copy of your source code, including a cover sheet and screenshots.
2) Start (and test) your server and two clients.
3) Demonstrate your application to me.

You are to implement an online Chat/Shared Whiteboard System which will allow users to chat with each other and draw so others can see in real time. Minimally, your system should be implemented to comply with the two following rules:

1) You MUST use the provided ChatMessage class for all communication between your client applet and your server. You are NOT ALLOWED to change the ChatMessage class in any way. If ChatMessage is insufficient for your needs, extend the class by creating a child class that adds functionality.

2) I gave you the skeleton for a basic client-server system. You must convert it and add whatever is necessary to allow your online system to work with your server running in your AFS account. The client will run on a local machine.


public class ChatMessage implements Serializable{
public String name;
public String message;

public ChatMessage(){}
public ChatMessage(String name, String message){
public void setName(String name){ = name;
public String getName(){
return name;
public void setMessage(String message){
this.message = message;
public String getMessage(){
return message;

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import java.util.*;

public class ChatServer
{ public static void main(String[] args )
      ArrayList<ChatHandler> AllHandlers = new ArrayList<ChatHandler>();

      { ServerSocket s = new ServerSocket(4000);
         for (;;)
             Socket incoming = s.accept( );
            new ChatHandler(incoming, AllHandlers).start();
      catch (Exception e)
      { System.out.println(e);

class ChatHandler extends Thread
    public ChatHandler(Socket i, ArrayList<ChatHandler> h)
       incoming = i;
       handlers = h;
            in = new ObjectInputStream(incoming.getInputStream());
            out = new ObjectOutputStream(incoming.getOutputStream());
       }catch(IOException ioe){
            System.out.println("Could not create streams.");
    public synchronized void broadcast(){

       ChatHandler left = null;
       ChatMessage1 cm = new ChatMessage1();
       ArrayList<String> people = new ArrayList<>();
       if (myObject.getMessage().equals("bye")) {
            for(ChatHandler handler : handlers){
                if (handler.person.equalsIgnoreCase(person) == false) {

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