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P5: Hashing
The object of this assignment is to gain experience in hashing.
Medical people use ICD-10 codes to document illnesses and injuries. For example:
E7212: Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency
F1210: Cannabis abuse, uncomplicated
J200: Acute bronchitis due to Mycoplasma pneumoniae
S63014S: Dislocation of distal radioulnar joint of right wrist, sequela
W300XXA: Contact with combine harvester, initial encounter
Y93J1: Activity, piano playing
File Format
A sample file is available: icd10cm_order_2016.txt
Lines in the file are of variable length, but never longer than 400 characters. Fields are defined as follows, where the first column is column 1:

Column Length     Contents
1             5          Order number
7             7                Code
15             1     0/1 for non-header/header
17           60 Short description
78     remaining Long description
You may assume that lines in the data file are in that format.

This program will take the following arguments:
ICD-10 data file
hash table size
any number (at least one) of code queries
Each query corresponds to a “Code” from the above table. For each query, the program should print the corresponding long description, or complain if the code was not found.
Beware of confusion between “Code”, in terms of a field in the ICD-10 data file, and hash codes.

You may not simply read the file multiple times, looking for the desired queries. Instead, you must, intitially, read the entire file into a hash table. All queries must use that hash table, not the file.
Hash Table Format
The hash table length is the second program argument.
Hash the query string to get the index into the hash table.
Each entry in the hash table is a BST.
Each BST node contains a hash code and a long description.
The BST is sorted by the hash code, not the query string.
Hash Code
To hash a query string, use this CRC32 algorithm:

    // Compute CRC-32 checksum
    public static long cksum(String s) {
       Checksum engine = new CRC32();
       byte[] bytes = s.getBytes();
       engine.update(bytes, 0, bytes.length);
       return engine.getValue();
This will give you a long value 0‥4294967295. You will have to process this further to get an int suitable for indexing into your hash table.
Sample Run
Here is a sample run, where “%” is my shell prompt:
    % javac
    % java icd icd10cm_order_2016.txt 10000 B2681 V00112D Zulu W6161
    B2681: Mumps hepatitis
    V00112D: In-line roller-skater colliding with stationary object, subsequent encounter
    Zulu: code not found
    W6161: Bitten by duck
Your main program must be in
You may add other *.java files, as needed.
Emit an error message to standard error for bad arguments, unreadable file, etc.
We will test your program with files with the same format as the sample data file, but they may have different names, or contain a different number of lines.
You may, if you wish, use BST.jar from recitation, as posted to Piazza.
You may not use the built-in Java hash table, or any built-in Java tree. You must build your own.

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* @author
public class icd {
    * main method
    * @param args
    public static void main(String[] args) {
       if (args.length < 3) {
            System.out.println("This program will take the following arguments:\n" +
                               "    ICD-10 data file\n" +
                               "    hash table size\n" +
                               "    any number (at least one) of code queries ");
       try {
            int size = Integer.parseInt(args[1]);            
            BST[] table;
            table = new BST[size];
            // read file, add item to hash table...

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