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Part1 A user can set the Eclipse workspace after starting the Eclipse IDE application. Select the "File" entry in the top-left corner of the Eclipse IDE pane. From the drop-down menu select "Switch Workspace" Part I: Converting Temperatures Start the Java IDE A user can set the Eclipse workspace after starting the Eclipse IDE application by selecting the "File" entry in the top-left corner of the Eclipse IDE pane. From that drop down menu select "Switch Workspace" Use the IDE to write program that will prompt the user for the temperature in degrees Celsius (Centigrade). Write static method (static function) named cToF that converts degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit The degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit formula is given here F-FC+32 Remember you must write static method that takes the Celsius value as a parameter and returns the Fahrenheit equivalent Now write static method named fToC that converts degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius Add this static method to your program Use the output of the cToF conversion method as the input for the JTOC conversion method Your main method should print the output temperatures from both static methods in clear and readable form You can test the results of your program using the values in the table below Note that -40°F=-40°C Celsius Fahrenheit -40 -40 32 100 212| Part II: Computing Monthly Payment on a Loan Start new Java Project. Give the Project a meaningful name Write a main method to test new static method used to compute a monthly payment on a loan The new static method used to compute the monthly payment for a loan uses this formula: Where m is the monthly payment P. is the initial loan amount 7 is the monthly interest rate, and n is the number of monthly payments The monthly interest rate is the Annual Percentage Rate divided by 12: APR/12 The number of payments, n. is 12 times the loan duration in years. The monthly payment on a $25000 loan over 6 years with an APR 7% is $426.23 You should use the Ma h.pow double base, double exponent ) method for this exercise Be sure to use descriptive names for all modules in this exercise We will use this static method again in the future (Lab assignment 8).

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import java.util.Scanner;

public class Loan
public static void main(String[]args)
double APR;
double loanDuration;
double p0;

Scanner console=new Scanner(;
System.out.print("What is the APR: ");...
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