Subject Computer Science Java Programming


1. Programming Project:

Someone who has completely lost their mind is now in charge of the banking systems.
Your program is going to model this effect, and it’s up to the ‘player’ to help fix the problems.
Every 10 seconds the system is going to read in one of the records, display it to the user, then a method (name your method ‘drumpf’) will randomly alter the first or last name. That will be shown to the player too. The ‘player’ (that’s the person using the system) then needs to enter the correct word, if the player gets it right text will show saying “HIGH ENERGY, THE BEST PEOPLE” and if the player gets it wrong text will show “STUMPED”.
Players will accumulate a score + 1 point for each letter they get correct, -1 point for each letter they get wrong. At + or minus 20 points the game ends and they will see “GOD-EMPEROR” if they win “BERNED” if they lose.   (If 20 points is too much for you because you’re a low energy typist feel free to pick another value)
The system should also write all of the changes and attempts to a log file.

a. Notice that you are to run one iteration per 10 seconds.

b. Output should be of the form:

The database entry: id, firstname, lastname, rank/balance, pin had its first name/last name altered to:
Drumpfedname, enter the correction

The database entry: 123, Brian, Srivastava, Technician, 5555 had its first name altered to:
Jmekelskra, enter the correction

c. For the log file creation you should use an appropriate design pattern.

d. Draw Class Diagrams for your program (remember, you are using at least a couple of design patterns here).

e. BONUS: Do this with a GUI, the quality of the GUI makes this subjective, but at least 1 mark for having a reasonable attempt.

Implementation notes:
This doesn’t need to use a GUI (that has turned out to be a bit harder for you guys than I intended).
Probably you should find an effective way to display a score somewhere along the way.
The altered names can be random gibberish (but the same length as the original name).
You do not need to (nor should you attempt to) use threads or processes.   
You don’t need to account for how long the text takes to be displayed, but after 10 seconds it should move on to the next word.

UML Question(s)

2. Produce a timing diagram for interaction with the banking terminal that we would have been making in Q1, were it not for drumpf. In this system users interact with the system by inserting a card, performing various account operations (adding or removing money) or performing maintenance, adding users etc. to the system.

3. Produce an Activity diagram for a campsite registration program. You need to pick where forks and joins are, but the camp site can be reserved, a spot allocated, transaction request received, transaction processed, other various activities for campers booked at the same time, the campsites need to be cleaned and checked over by staff, with space allocated for them.

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