1. Why do you think the advantages/disadvantages are of JSP
2. Once again, our friends at BHC have heard of our new web skills, and now wish to upgrade their web site. Use MVC/MVC2 for the design of this project. Instead of using Servlets to make the web pages, use a Servlet as a controller and then use JSP pages to show information to the user. In this case, the Controller will calculate the rates and perform error checking and then forward the user to the quote or error page. Properly implementing MVC is required for this project.

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Why do you think the advantages/disadvantages are of JSP

- it's easy to work on
- we don't need to recompile or redeploy after updating the code
- we have to write less code than what we do with servlet

Disadvantages :
- It performances poorer than servlet does, error message is hard to debuig
- it asks for more disk page than servlet does
- it has to be compile on the server when first accessed...

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