1. Connection Pooling is vital for a large scale enterprise application. Why? Discuss.
2. Why is it a good idea to do the database initialization in the init() method rather than the doGet() or doPost()? Discuss.

You will be designing a simple database to support the web application that you have built and deployed so far. You can use an in-memory database or use a cloud based DB to store the registration and user data.

The database design is completely up to you but at a minimum you will need a User table, Course table and a Registration table.

Note: To validate the data insertion, make sure to retrieve the data from the DB and display it on the page (after the final “confirm” or “register” button). Example: Your final confirmation page shown below should be the user/registration data retrieved from the database.

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public class myRegistration {

    private final int employee = 850;
    private final int student = 1000;
    private final int other = 1350;
    private final int hotel_fee = 185;
    private final int parking = 10;

    private final String[] courseValues = {
       "webServices", "J2EEDesignPatterns",
       "serviceOrientedArchitectures", "enterpriseServiceBus",
       "secureMessaing", "webServicesSecurity"

    private final String[] courseNames = {
       "A4-Web Services", "A1-J2EE Design Patterns",
       "A3-Service Oriented Architectures",
       "A4-enterprise Service Bus", "A6-Secure Messaging",
       "A5-Web Services Security"

    private final String[] employmentValues = {
       "employee", "student", "speaker", "other"

    private final int[] employmentFee = {
       850, 1000, 0, 1350

    private final String[] employmentNames = {
       "Employee", "Student", "Speaker", "Other"

    private final String[] additionalValues = {
       "hotelAccomodation", "parking", "noThankYou"

    private final int[] additionalFee = {
       185, 10, 0

    private final String[] additionalNames = {
       "Hotel Accomodation (Conference Guest Special Fee - Parking Included)",
       "Parking Permit", "None"

    private String name;
    private String email;
    private ArrayList<String> courses;
    private String status;
    private String addition;
    // format total cost value to $
    NumberFormat formatter;

    private Connection con;

    public myRegistration() throws SQLException {
       courses = new ArrayList<>();
       formatter = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();

       try {
                   = DriverManager.getConnection(
                            "john", "1111111");

       } catch (ClassNotFoundException ex) {

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