Although you have not yet had experience designing programs that have graphical user interfaces, you certainly have had considerable experience using such programs.

To enhance your role as a designer of such programs, it is helpful to reflect on programs that you have used. Drawing on that experience, what characteristics of such interfaces make them easy to use? What characteristics make them hard to use? It would be especially helpful to post specific examples if possible.

Radio buttons and check boxes are two of many different kinds of components that can be included in a graphical user interface. How are they similar and how are they different? Which kind requires grouping? Give an example of an application where each of these two types of GUI components might be useful.

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o Drawing on that experience, what characteristics of such interfaces make them easy to use?
- GUI provides the use of mouse and all GUI features, the user doesn’t need to remember a lot of command , they just need to points and clicks
- It’s enable the user to view, control, and manipulate multiple things at once and is much faster to navigate when compared with a command line
o What characteristics make them hard to use?
- GUI user is going to be much slower than someone who is working in a command line.
- The interface of the old version may be very different from the new one...

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