Recursion is often difficult for many students at the beginning. One of the reasons is that being accustomed to programming with iteration, they attempt to apply the iterative mindset to recursive problems producing poor or incorrect solutions. To succeed, one must learn to think recursively. Give some hints or suggestions on how to go about changing ones thinking to recursive thinking.

Download the program animation system Jeliot. Try running the Fibonacci number program that is provided with the download. Then try some of the other recursive examples, like the character reversal program. Explain how this program animator illustrates recursion.

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• Recursion is an alternative form of program control. It is essentially repetition without a loop. When we use loops, we specify a loop body. The repetition of the loop body is controlled by the loop control structure. In recursion, the method itself is called repeatedly. A selection statement must be used to control whether to call the method recursively or not.
• We reduce problems them to smaller problems of the same form....

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