Write a GUI application that calculates a car’s gas mileage. The application should let the user enter the number of gallons of gas the car holds, and the number of miles the car can be driven on a full tank. When a “Calculate MPG” button is clicked, the application should display the number of miles that the car may be driven per gallon of gas. Use the following formula to calculate MPG:

MPG = Miles / Gallons

Use the GridLayout Manager to line the text, textbox and button into 1 vertical column.

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public class CindyMPGCalculatorProject12 extends JFrame {

    private JPanel panel; //To reference a panel
    private JLabel messageLabelGallons; //To reference a gallons label
    private JLabel messageLabelMiles; //To reference a miles label
    private JTextField gallonsTextField;//To reference a gallons Text Field
    private JTextField milesTextField;//To reference a miles Text Field
    private JButton mpgButton; //To reference a button
    private final int WINDOW_WIDTH = 450; //Window width
    private final int WINDOW_HEIGHT = 150; //window height

    public CindyMPGCalculatorProject12() {
       //set the window title.
       setTitle("MPG Calculator");

       //set the size of the window.

       // Specify what happens when the close button is clicked.

       //Build the panel and add it to the frame.

       //Add the panel to the frame's content pane.

       // Display the window.

    private void buildPanel() {
       // Create a label to display instructions.
       messageLabelGallons = new JLabel("Enter the number of gallons the car holds");

       //Create a text field 10 characters wide.
       gallonsTextField = new JTextField(10);...

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