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Write a program that draws random (random) narrated a number of 3-digit integers (numbers in the range 100 - 999). Pick out the middle digit from each number, calculate and print the average of all these midtsifferne rounded to one decimal place. If the number of 3-digit numbers is at most 20, then all midtsifferne printed - not otherwise. The program should be run multiple times without rebooting.
The program will use the following methods:

- read numbers
The method asks the user to provide the required number of 3-digit integers. The method should return the number of which shall not exceed 1000.

- pull numbers
The method should return one random number that is fom a lower t.o.m. an upper limit (lower and upper are parameters).

- middle digit
The method should return the middle digit of a 3-digit number (numbers are parameter).

- rounding
The method should return a decimal rounded to one decimal (decimal is the parameter).

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import java.util.Scanner;

public class middle_number_averager {
public static void main(String [ ] args)
int[] numbers = read_numbers();
public static void showMessageDialog(int[] numbers)...

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