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The Fibonacci numbers are a sequence of integers starting with 0 and 1.

Every other number in this sequence is calculated by adding the previous two numbers in the sequence.

So the third Fibonacci number is 1, which is obtained by adding 0 and 1.

The fourth Fibonacci number is 2, which is obtained by adding 1 and 1.

And so on.

Your assignment is to take the following pseudocode and turn it into the Java class Fibonacci.

    print 0 on its own line
    print 1 on its own line
    last = 1
    previous = 0
    repeat 13 times:
       next = last + previous
       print next on its own line
       previous = last
       last = next

Note that this program will not ask the user for input.

But it will print out the first 15 Fibonacci numbers.

It is OK to do all of this in the main method.

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public class fibonacci {
public static void main(String [ ] args)
int previous = 0;
int last = 1;
int next;

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