Week 8 Assignment
For this week, the deliverable is an updated class diagram. I am wide open as to how you implement the assignment. You may change the existing diagram (which is not really up to date since it does not have the Register factory implementation), or create new classes that show DI.

Use this diagram, and add the Dependency Injection pattern, where the design could benefit from it. Also implement your new design in Java.

In the write up this week, summarize lessons learned, and any difficulty you may have encountered. Outline any implementation decision and reasoning behind those. Include screenshots of the successful code compilation and test execution.

Purpose: The assignment will allow you to show your knowledge and understanding of implementing the dependency injection pattern.

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* The Class User.
public class User {

/** The id. */
private String ID;

/** The first name. */
private String firstName;

/** The last name. */
private String lastName;

/** The address. */
private Address address;

* Instantiates a new user.
public User() {

* Gets the id.
* @return the iD
public String getID() {
return ID;

* Sets the id.
* @param iD the iD to set
public void setID(String iD) {
ID = iD;

* Gets the first name.
* @return the firstName
public String getFirstName() {
return firstName;

* Sets the first name.
* @param firstName the firstName to set
public void setFirstName(String firstName) {
this.firstName = firstName;

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