Create a class named Purchase.
Each Purchase contains an invoice number, amount of sale, and amount of sales tax.
Include set methods for the invoice number and sale amount.
Within the set () method for the sale amount, calculate the sales tax as 5% of the sale amount.
Also include a display method that displays a purchase.
Save the file as
Create an application that declares a Purchase object and prompts the user for purchase details.
When you prompt for an invoice number, do not let the user proceed until a number between 1,000 and 8,000 has been entered.
When you prompt for a sale amount, do not proceed until the user has entered a non-negative value.
After a valid Purchase object has been created, display the object’s invoice number, sale amount, and sales tax.
Save the file as

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public class Purchase {

private int invoiceNumber; //Local variables for object to store data
private double amountSale, amountSalesTax, total;

public void setAmountSale(double sale) //public mutator for amountSale
amountSale = sale; //Set sale amount
amountSalesTax = 0.05 * amountSale; //Calculate tax amount
total = amountSale + amountSalesTax; //Calculate total...

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