Write a program that accepts the price for an item, amount of payment, and computes the change required to repay a customer. Any purchase less than $10 incurs a surcharge of 10% of the purchase price.

• The name of the class that contains the main method must be CashRegister.
• Constants must be defined and used for the tax rate (7%) and the maximum price ($250) and surcharge rate of (10%).
• Output of all dollar amounts (other than dollar-bill/coin denominations) will be of the form $X.XX (U.S. currency format). You must use the System.out.printf() method to format the output of bill and coin amounts.
• The program will quit when the user enters zero or a negative number.
• The program will loop until a valid purchase price is entered (0 < price ≤ 250).
• Any purchase price less than $10 must have a 10% surcharge added to the total amount due but calculated on the purchase price. (see session 1)
• The user must present enough money to pay for the total purchase with a single amount. If the user enters and amount too small to cover the purchase the use must be again asked for a sufficient amount.
• The program will compute and output the most appropriate change given the amount of change that must be returned to the customer. That is, $5 should be returned as a single $5 bill and not five $1 bills; similarly, for coins.
• Your output must exactly match the sample output shown below for the same inputs.

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import java.util.Scanner;

* CashRegister class
public class CashRegister {

   * Program constants
static final double TAX_RATE = 7;
static final double MAXIMUM_PRICE = 250;
static final double SURCHARGE_RATE = 10;

   * Main method for program execution
public static void main(String[] args) {
    // Construct Scanner object to read input
    Scanner readInput = new Scanner(;
    // Run program in a loop
    while (true) {
      // Query the cost of the transaction
      System.out.printf("Cost of transaction (enter 0 or negative value to exit; max is $%.2f): ", MAXIMUM_PRICE);
      double cost = readInput.nextDouble();
      // If cost is not positive exit loop
      if (cost <= 0) {
      // If cost is greater than maximum skip to next iteration of loop
      } else if (cost > MAXIMUM_PRICE) {
      // Define surcharge...

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