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Use the STATE DESIGN PATTERN to implement a simple calculator. The calculator will accept only positive integer numbers and two types of operators, + and -. For example, an input could be 9 + 10 + 10 - 2
1) You should design the state machine first and then translate it into the state design pattern
2) Your calculator must compute correctly the expression
3) You must handle the cases where users type in invalid inputs (e.g. 10.3 or *)
Please submit your resulting code and a short Word document explaining the rationale behind your code.

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* Calculator class
public class Calculator {

// State variable
private CalculatorState state;

// Constructor
public Calculator() {

// Method to reset state machine
public void reset() {
    this.state = new AdditionState(0);

// Method to calculate input line
public int calculate(String line) throws NumberFormatException {
    for (char c: line.toCharArray...

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