Application shall run forever
The following options shall be available to the user
0 - exit
1 - use of for loop
2 - use of while loop
3 - use of do/while loop
Any other number is invalid (repeat asking the user for input)
Once the user enters a valid loop options (1-3)
Then the application shall ask for a start character Dec. #33-126 (see ASCII table)
Print all the characters from start to finish (last character shall always be Dec. #126).

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import java.util.Scanner;

* Loop Program
public class LoopProgram {

// Main method for program execution
public static void main(String[] args) {
    Scanner s = new Scanner(;
    // Run in a loop
    while (true) {
      // Display menu
      System.out.println(" 0 - Exit");
      System.out.println(" 1 - Use of for loop");
      System.out.println(" 2 - Use of while loop");
      System.out.println(" 3 - Use of do/while loop");
      String input = s.nextLine();
      // Get input 0 - exit
      if (input.equals("0")) {
      // Get input 1 - for loop
      } else if (input.equals("1")) {
       System.out.print("Enter start character: ");
       char start = s.nextLine().charAt(0);
       for (int i = (int) start; i < 127; i++) {

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