Implementation of Search Trees
In this task, you implement two of the various search trees and you should compare the result.

pseudocode (normal):

List-Search(L, k )
1 x = L.head
2 while x != nil and x.key̸ != k
3         x =
4 return x

1 = L.head
2 if L.head != nil
3       L.head.prev = x
4 L.head = x
5 x.prev = nil

List-Delete(L, x)
1 if x.prev = nil
2 =
3 else L.head =
4 if = nil
5 = x.prev

List-Delete    Sentinels (easier to use sentinels)

List-Delete(L, x)
1 =
2 = x.prev

A - Binary Search Trees
Implement binary search trees under the pseudo code. It maintains that you implement dictionary operations Insert, Delete, and Search.

if x != NIL
      print key[x]

Pseudo code for Tree-search algorithm can be used to perform queries on a binary search tree.

if x == NIL or k == key[x]
   return x
if k < x.key
   return TREE-SEARCH(x.left, k)
else return TREE-SEARCH(x.right, k)

Property of binary search trees make it very easy to recall the largest and smallest value. Tree-Minimum and Maximum Tree algorithm returns respectively the smallest and largest element in the tree.

while x.left != NIL
    x = x.left
return x

while x.right != NIL
    x = x.right
return x

y = NIL
x = T.root
while x != NIL
    y = x
    if z.key < x.key
    x = x.left
    else x = x.right
z.p = y
if y == NIL
    T.root = z //tree T was empty
else if z.key < y:key
    y.left = z
else y.right = z

if x.right != NIL
   return TREE-MINIMUM(x.right)
y = x.p
while y != NIL and x == y.right
    x = y
    y = y.p
return y

if u.p == NIL
    T.root = v
else if u == u.p.left
    u-p-left = v
else u.p.right = v
if v != NIL
      v.p = u.p

if z.left == NIL
   TRANSPLANT(T, z, z.left)
else if z.right == NIL
   TRANSPLANT(T, z, z.left)
else // z has twho children
    y = TREE-MINIMUM(z.right)
    if y.p != z
    // y lies within z's right subtree but is not the root of this subtree.
    TRANSPLANT(T.y, y.right)
    y.right = z.right
    y.right.p = y
    // Replace z by y.
    TRANSPLANT(T, z, y)
    y.left = z.left
    y.left.p = y

B - Red-Black Trees
Implement red-black trees according to the pseudo code. It also keeps A here that you implement dictionary operations Insert, Delete, and Search.

see the picture of attach file

C - Comparison
In this task implementations is tested against each other. The actual running time for operations to be measured for different input and input sizes. The results will be presented in a table and / or graph, and they will be discussed in the runtime analysis.

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