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Reve's puzzle is identical to the towers of Hanoi problem, except that there are 4 poles (instead of 3) The task is to move n discs of different sizes from the starting
pole to the destination pole, while obeying the following rules:
Move only one disc at a time.
Never place a larger disc on a smaller one.
The following remarkable algorithm, discovered by Frame and Stewart in 1941, transfers n discs from the starting pole to the destination pole using the fewest moves (although this fact was not proven until 2014).
Let k denote the integer nearest to n + 1 - √2n+1
Transfer (recursively) the k smallest discs to a single pole other than the start or destination poles.
Transfer the remaining n - k disks to the destination pole (without using the pole that now contains the smallest k discs). To do so, use the algorithm for the 3-pole towers of Hanoi problem
Transfer (recursively) the k smallest discs to the destination pole.
Write a program vesPuzzle java that takes an integer command-line argument n and prints a solution to Reve's puzzle Assume that the the discs are labeled in increasing order of size from 1 to n and that the poles are labeled A, B, C, and D, with A representing the starting pole and D representing the destination pole. Here are a few sample executions:
Recursive plan for Reve's Puzzle
/Desktop/recursion> java introcs RevesPuzzle 3
Move disc 1 from A to B
Move disc 2 from A to C
Move disc 3 from A to D
Move disc 2 from C to D
Move disc 1 from B to D

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    * Recursive Tower of Hanoi (with 3 poles) method
    * from --> mean start
    * to   --> mean destination
    private static void hanoi(int n, int k, String from, String temp, String to) {
       if (n == 0) {
       hanoi(n - 1, k, from, to, temp);
       System.out.print("Move disc " + (n + k) + " from " + from + " to " + to);
       hanoi(n - 1, k, temp, from, to);

    * The 4 poles version.
    private static void rev(int n, String from, String temp1, String temp2, String to) {
       if (n == 0) return;...

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