Assume that you are developing a billing software for a departmental store which sells electronic appliances, clothing, and toys. The store offers discounts on a festival occasion as below:
a) 20 % discount on electronic appliances whose prices are greater than or equal to $100
b) 30 % discount on clothing if the price of a clothing item is greater than or equal to $50
c) All the toys greater than or equal to $20 are subject to 10% discount.
All goods except toys are taxed at 8.5% of its price.
1. Define a Base class Item with the following fields:
i. item code (int)
ii. item name (String)
2. Define Subclasses called Electronics, Clothing and Toys with the following fields:
I. quantity (int)
II. price (double)

Create an interface called Discount with a method declaration called void computeDiscount() and another interface called Tax with a method declaration called computeTax().

Create a demo class called DemoInterfaces with a main method and create objects for each of the subclass and print the following:
Item name
Item quantity
Item Price
final price after discount and tax

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public class Clothing extends Base implements Discount, Tax {

private int quantity;
private double price;
private double discount;
private double tax;

public Clothing(int ic, String nm, int q, double p) {
super(ic, nm);
quantity = q;
price = p;

public int getQuantity() {
return quantity;

public double getPrice() {
return price;

public void setQuantity(int qn) {
quantity = qn;

public void setPrice(double pr) {
price = pr;

public void computeDiscount() {
if(price >= 50)
discount = price * 0.3;

public double getDiscount() {
return discount;
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