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* Program Name: AA
* Author: Cameron.
* Date Written: 2/17/2019.
* Description: This is the AA Degree Class. This program is to provide the
*   variables, constructors, methods, calculations and formatted printed
*   related to the AA class.

package bctcdegrees;

// Beginning of AA Class
public class AA extends Degree
    // Declare class variables
    private int foreignLanguageHours;
    private int AAhours;

    // Beginning of AA Constructor with parameters
    public AA(int genEdHours,int electiveHours,int AAhours,int foreignLanguageHours)
       // Setting the class variables
       degree = "AA";
       description = "Associate in Art";

       // Validate general ed hours entered is within range or not
       if (genEdHours>=0 && genEdHours<=60)
            // Sets general ed hours to entered general ed hours
            // Sets general ed hours to 0
       // Validate elective hours entered is within range or not
       if (electiveHours>=0 && electiveHours<=60)
            // Sets elective hours to entered elective hours
            // Sets elective hours to 0
       // Validate AA core hours entered is within range or not
       if (AAhours>=0 && AAhours<=60)
            // Sets AAS core hours to entered AA core hours
            // Sets AA core hours to 0
       // Validate foreign language hours entered is within range or not
    if (foreignLanguageHours>=0 && foreignLanguageHours<=60)
            // Sets foreign language hours to entered AAS track hours
            // Sets foreign language hours to 0
    // Ending of AA Constructor with parameters
    // Beginning of AA Default Constructor
    public AA()
       // Setting variables for the constructor
       degree = "AA";
       description = "Associate in Art";
       genEdHours = 0;
       electiveHours = 0;
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