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function [result] = ele(a,b,op)
%function ele
%Returns a matrix that contains the sum, difference, product, and quotient
%of each element between two matrices.
%1. Enter the first matrix
%2. Enter the second matrix
%3. Enter the desired operation. The operation must be defined as follows:
%Addition-------Enter: '+'
%Subraction-------Enter: '-'
%Multiplication-------Enter: '*'
%Division-------Enter: '/'
%NOTE: The characters must entered as shown above, i.e. the characters
%must be entered as strings.

    ask1 = 'Enter the first matrix: ';
    a = input(ask1);

    ask2 = 'Enter the second matrix: ';
    b = input(ask2);
    ask3 = 'Enter the desired operation: ';
    op = input(ask3);...

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