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a. Write a matlab function for computing the mean of every class.
%%% PART A

%Compute mean function
function [X_m,y_m] = compute_mean(X,y)

    %Initialize labels
    y_m = [0;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9];
    %Create empty array to be populated with mean values
    X_m = zeros(10,784);
    %Go through all values in the dataset and calculate totals for each label &
    for i=1:size(X,1)
       label = y(i);
       for j=1:size(X,2)

    %Divide each total by the number of each type of label to calculate the
    for i=1:size(X_m,1)
       num = nnz(y==i-1);
       for j=1:size(X_m,2)

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