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global Inputs = 0.04; %given value of delta
Inputs.xmin = 0;
Inputs.xmax = 1;
Inputs.ymin = 0;
Inputs.ymax = 1;
Inputs.nbc = 4; %no. of boundary conditions
Inputs.xnseg = 100; % equal segments in X and Y direction
Inputs.ynseg = 100;
Inputs.neq = (Inputs.xnseg+1)*(Inputs.ynseg+1);
Inputs.dx = (Inputs.xmax-Inputs.xmin)/Inputs.xnseg;
Inputs.dy = (Inputs.ymax-Inputs.ymin)/Inputs.ynseg;

% Initialize
Inputs.x = linspace (Inputs.xmin,Inputs.xmax,Inputs.xnseg+1)';
Inputs.y = linspace (Inputs.ymin,Inputs.ymax,Inputs.ynseg+1)';
u = zeros(Inputs.xnseg+1,Inputs.ynseg+1);...

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