The game “Monopoly” consist in total of 40 arranged fields(i.e. after field 40 it comes again to filed 1).With simplified rules you are moving there forwards as follows: On his game turn the player rolls with two dices and move with the sum of the thrown eyes further. But for example, if he lands on field 30(“Go to Jail”) then will be set direct on field 10(“Jail”). As a result you cannot reach all fields with the same probability in this game. For an optimal strategy one should know the probability whit which, each field in one round can be reach.

a) Write ascript monopoly1.m that the movement of a player over 1 000 000 rounds simulates(Start is at field 1). For each field will be counted, how often it would be achieved, and from that will be calculate at the end the the probability distribution of all fields. Write to this a function new = move(old), which determine trough dice (Hint: randi), in accordance with the rules, from the old position old {1, . . . , 40} ∈a new position new ,and which is repeatedly called from the main program monopoly1.m .

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