Gnutella is a P2P architecture which allow for file-sharing over the web without using a server. Complete the following tasks:

Read the Gnutella case study "Peer-to-Peer Architecture Case Study: Gnutella Network". Feel free to search for other online tutorials on Gnutella.
In a Microsoft Word document, briefly describe how Gnutella handles new member JOIN, SEARCH, BROWSE, and DOWNLOAD requests. Additionally, select any other file-sharing tool and compare it with Gnutella.

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1. Description on how Gnutella handles new member JOIN, SEARCH, BROWSE, and DOWNLOAD requests
i. Mechanism
1. We will use this command prompt to establish the connection between a new member to the network
GNUTELLA CONNECT/<protocol version string>\n\n
Where , <protocol version string> is defined to be the ASCII string “0.4”
2. If the new member is accept, we will get following response:
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