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1). What is the length of a bit in a channel with a propagation speed of 2*10 8 m/s if the channel bandwidth is a).1 Mbps b).10 Mbps c).100Mbps 2).What is the total delay (latency) for a frame of size 5 million bits that is being sent on a link with 10 routers each having a queuing time of 2μs and a processing time of 1μs. The length of the link is 2000km. The speed of light inside the link is 2*10 8m/s. The link has a bandwidth of 5Mbps. Which component of the total delay is dominant? Which one is negligible? 3).Three datagrams, of 5megabits each, belonging to the same message have been sent to a destination D one after the other, from a source S. However, they travel through different paths (see below). Datagram Path length Visited Switches 1 2300 1, 3, 5 2 2100 1, 2, 5 3 1700 1, 2, 4, 5 Suppose that the delay for each switch (including waiting and processing) is 5, 15, 10, 25, and 5ms, respectively. The propagation speed is 2*108 m/s. Distances between switches are as follows: Find the arrival order of the three datagrams. Compute the total transmission delay for these datagrams. The source S is directly connected to Switch 1 and the destination D is also directly connected to Switch 5.

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