The attached pcap file (Question.pcap) is a portion of a packet capture which includes a TELNET session. In this case, the client is requesting remote access to a server.
Using a packet analysis program (such as Wireshark), analyze the contents of the file to answer the following questions.
You will need to explore the program, as well as the contents on your own.
You will need to also “follow the TCP stream.”

Please answer to the following questions:

1) What is the date of the transmission?
2) What is the name of the account used in the TELNET login?
3) What is the password for that account?
4) On what port is the remote server running?
5) What is the IP address of the remote server?
6) To what network class does that address belong?
7) What is the client’s IP address?
8) What operating system is running on the TELNET server?
9) Step by step, what did the user do (not what did they type)? If you use any jargon, explain it.

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Analysis of Capture File Based on Telnet Session

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