1. (5 points) Every IPv6 address can be written as 32 hexadecimal digits by filling in zeros. Write out the IPv6 address 2001:23:4:567::B:DD as 32 hexadecimal digits.
2. (5 points) My workstation has a single Ethernet interface with MAC address 00:96:AB:13:99:7C. What is the IPv6 Link-Local Address for this interface, assuming my workstation uses the EUI-64 standard to determine its Interface Identifier?
3. (5 points) Under what conditions does a router send an ICMP Redirect?
4. (5 points) In HSRP, how does a Standby router determine that an Active router has gone down?
5. (5 points) When using HSRP Interface Tracking, what happens when a tracked interface goes down?
6. (5 points) Describe 3 data items that are stored in the BGP Neighbor Table.
7. (5 points) What is the difference between External BGP (eBGP) and Internal BGP (iBGP)?
8. Below is shown a portion of the BGP Table in router X. This router has discovered three different paths to destination network in AS 1605. For each path, the BGP Table shows the Next Hop address for the next BGP router along this path towards that destination network, as well as 4 Path Attributes, which are “Metric”, “Local Preference”, “Weight” and “AS Path”.

Network          Next Hop Metric (MED)    Local Preference    Weight       AS Path    188.15.35             5                      100                   5             1871 1605i               
                           10                      100                   10            2633 1605i
                            15                      100                   5                1605 i

a) (5 points) For the “Weight” attribute: How does this value get set? Will router X advertise this attribute value to any other BGP routers?
b) (5 points) Given the values shown, which one of these three routes will router X copy into its routing table for destination Why?
c) (5 points) Suppose the route you chose in answer (b) goes down, then which of the remaining two routes will router X copy into its routing table for destination Why?

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Q1. 2001:23:4:567::B:DD
In 32 Hexadecimal values : 2001:0023:0004:0567:0000:0000:000B:00DD

MAC Address : 00:96:AB:13:99:7C
Corresponding IPv6 Link...

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