The topic of the research paper is “Next Generation Satellites and Future of Satellite Systems”

Please note that the emphasis of this research paper will focus on the future of communication satellites and will discuss important, upcoming next generation satellite systems. The purpose of the Individual Research Paper is to give you an opportunity to conduct a comprehensive literature review (literary versus popular) of your topic to thoroughly examine, evaluate, asses or create (any combination of these, as appropriate) to a draw meaningful literary position on your topic. You may include the economic, regulatory, policy, technical and operational issues related to your topic in your analysis.

The research paper must state a thesis and, based on the literary research, undertake to provernor disprove that thesis. The paper should review the recent literature distill the fundamental issues, discuss various solutions to the issues raised, identify trends, and formulate your own position. An adequate literature search is based primarily on academic, secondarily on professional journals and lastly on books and textbooks and popular online sources.

The Research Paper must demonstrate the rigor of the graduate-level work, including writing ability.

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Next Generation Satellites and Future of Satellite Systems

The satellites, today has become a major part of technology. Every country today even bid or small are developing more and more satellites in order to increase their communication, navigational and data collection powers. The document here lightens the current advancement in the field and then the future of satellites id discussed. There are wide range of satellite project carried by different nations and companies for their internal benefits and aims. These projects include OICETS, NICT, I-5 etc.

The world has faced numerous projects for various satellites services using LEO Low Earth Orbit satellites on both in medium and low orbits. These projects have given many important practical applications. An example of such project is US Iridium satellite telephone system, which is first generation low orbit satellite. The project places 72 satellites (approximately) in orbit over a 700 kms altitude for covering mobile phones of certain range. At that time many commercial services were abandoned because wireless networks and ground based wires services. The communication satellites have no match in terms of expandability, reach and measurement of anti disaster services. In order to upgrade theses services the next project is GMMSS i.e. Global Multimedia Mobile Satellite System so that high capacity need for future satellites which will based on constituent technologies. A long research work has been conducted to find the basic concepts and feasibility factors that will become the basis of next generation satellite systems. The research is also carries to find the additive constituent technologies. A satellite has number of visibility factors which requires quality service so that delay and handover characteristic can be fully maintained. For an optimum requirement, an altitude of around 1200 kms is required for a circular orbit, inclination of this circular orbit will be around 55 degrees with around 10 orbits plane and each orbit will consist of around 12 satellites which will make a total of around 120 satellites in total. The main constituent technologies includes

Amplifiers with very high level efficiency provide potential which can be used array of antennas for mounting satellites. The future amplifiers are needed for supporting the new powerful satellites. Semiconductors made from gallium nitride are designed to form the basis of theses amplifiers. These amplifiers are tested for their feasibility for mounting them on satellites environmental evaluations were conducted which includes testing properties of dispersion and resistance of radiations of the amplifier.

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