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1. Convert the following numbers from decimal to binary and then to hexadecimal: a) 482.327 b) 5273.47751 2. Perform the following subtraction operation in the Binary Number System: 5 18= X2 3. What character string does the following binary ASCI code represent? 1010100 1101000 101001 1110011 0100000 1101001 1110011 0100000 1000101 1000001 1010011 1011001 0100001 4. A photographic image requires 3 bytes per pixel to produce 16 million shades of color. a) How large video memory is required to store a 640 x 480 image during display? A 1024 x 768 image? A 1280 x 1024 image? b) How many 1024 x 768 color images will fit on a CD-ROM? 5. Which of the following is the binary representation of the decimal value 24? a) 10110 b) 11000 c) 10010 d) 10110 c) 10101 6. The abbreviation 'MB' means and has the value a) MegaBits, 1,024x 1024 b) MegaBytes, 1,024x1,000 c) Mega Bits, 1,000,000 d) Multiple Bytes, 1,000,000 c) Mega Bytes, 1,024x 1024 7. Common number systems used when working with computers include all but a) binary b) base 10 c) base 8 d) base 16 c) base 3 8. When using data communications with 8-bit codes, the number of alphabetic symbols a) must be exactly 256 b) must be greater than 8 c) can be greater than 1024 bytes d) must be less than 256 c) determines the number of octets 9. In a computer, using binary numbers, how many bits would you need to represent 25 students? a)4 b) c)6 d) 7 c) 8 10. The binary decimal 11101 times 4 can be determined by moving the decimal point a) four places to the left b) four places to the right c) two places to the left d) two places to the right c) can be represented exactly in base 2 11. When 0.746 is converted from base 10 to base 2, the first three digits past the decimal are a) 111 b) 101 c) 011 d) 001 c) 010

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2. The Binary representation of 5 is given as 0
The Binary representation of 18 is given as 10010

The 18 is a negative signed number, so in order to perform the operation take 1’s complement.
1’s complement of...

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