Prepare a Word document, not more than three pages, that clearly demonstrates and explains how TCP Sequence and Acknowledgement fields work. It must be illustrated with screen shots from Wire Shark. Cut the screen shots down so that you do not have unnecessary details.

Warning: TCP sequence numbers start with a random number. Wire Shark shows relative numbers based on the starting sequence number when it highlights the sequence number, but the real numbers can be found in the raw data in hexadecimal. I require you to use and explain the actual numbers, showing the hexadecimal and converting them to decimal.

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In case of a TCP session, each client maintains a 32-bit number which counts how much data it has been sent. The sequence number appears on all sent packets and is interpreted by the host as being acknowledgement number to let know the sender that the transmitted data was received with success (if the packet was lost, like we will see, it will be retransmitted). These are mainly the meanings of SEQ and ACK numbers. These work in conjunction with a series of flags (SYN, FIN), but this is not the main scope of the current work....

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