Contrast how 802.11 and Bluetooth are likely to be used in organizations. Does Bluetooth use access points? Why are Bluetooth profiles attractive ? Should employees be allowed to bring their own devices (BYOD) to access corporate information systems? Justify and post your answers for the instructor to review (do not discuss with your colleagues).
Wi-Fi has completely changed the way we browse the net and use the internet in our day to day life. The complete comfort of accessing Internet at better speeds is achieved through Wi-Fi networks.
If you enjoy boosting your wi-fi network speed, then make a WiFi antenna out of a Pringles can and demonstrate your results in class, Else download The Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, a utility for monitoring Wi-Fi networks, and Post your results and Discuss your findings with one of your colleagues, detailed information about available Wi-Fi networks, management of a laptop’s Wi-Fi connection, and tools to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

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It is commonly known within IT/IS world that 802.11 standard gathers a series of specifications corresponding to both data link (actually MAC subcategory) and physical layers that are necessary for establishing communication in Wi-Fi/WLAN environment. The family of protocols embedded into this more general standard is characteristic for communications that take place at firmly established level of GHz (e.g. 5, 60 or 2.4). Within an organization there can be met complex Wi-Fi based networks or at least AP (access points) that allow wireless connections to get access to Internet (or other shared resources) through a wired environment. Usually the latter option is connected to a network router.
Unlike 802.11 protocols family which is more intended for resident equipment and its applications, Bluetooth is mostly addressed to non-resident correspondents. As common point with 802.11, Bluetooth is also regarded as an option to regular wired environment, only that is considered to be dedicated to personal carried applications....

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