1) Describe how you have used wireless networks. What protocols were involved?
2) What is the relationship between a base station and a mobile switching center?
3) What are the functions of a mobile switching center?
4) What is the difference between a hard handoff and a soft handoff?
5) How is a repeater different from an amplifier?
6) What do we mean when we say that a switch can filter traffic? Why is filtering important?
7) What is the basis for membership in an VLAN?
8) How does a VLAN reduce network traffic?
9) Which one has more overhead, a switch or a router? Explain your answer.
10) A switch uses a filtering table; a router uses a routing table. Can you explain the difference?

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The scenario has occurred when I had to use Wi-Fi connections within regular wired networks. In these situations, the wireless router (Access Point) was connected directly to a wired network device. The access to the AP was based on credentials and the traffic was protected by protocols like WEP, WPA or WPA2. For avoiding the collisions, it is also used CSMA/CA protocol. It must be made the difference between standards (gathered in IEEE 802.11) for wireless networks and the used communication protocols in case of wireless networks....
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