Your company has a number of interconnected LANs within a single building; also in the building is a router that connects LANs to an Internet Service Provider using a couple of T-1 telephone lines. Your company is considering replacing the T-1s with a connection to a MAN. Should the interconnection be SONET or Ethernet based? Apply what you have learned from lecture, research, or readings to research what is/are the current routing algorithm(s) used by the Internet? Are any of the basic routing algorithms or techniques introduced in this chapter used? Which one(s)? What question(s) has this discussion forum raised for you?

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1) As we recall from the basics of MANs (Chapter 9), both solutions are achievable. However, since we are not provided more details about the needs of the company (as applications used, domain of activity, current network needs), we must choose the technology that has more advantages than the other. And this one is Ethernet, because it is more scalable to usual data rates (e.g. 100 Mbps and 1Gbps) and less expensive than SONET...
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