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Local CNS RoolDNS Local DNS 10.4 82.251 DNB 39 8 82 4 dit 2645 ce '> Eil 98 de 2b 357c 71 23 ONB DMS. 0th:34 3: 25 35 7c 70 35 89 29 = E01.346d 2b Cth:3b 4e 2b Eth:33 de 2b 45 54 79 23478d 10482754 Eh: 32 4e 3b 68 47 82 (74 125.224.72) Eh: 99 17 Refer to the above network diagram. Assume the computer is a new computer and just installed to the network of The user tries to access Please describe the procedure of what to happen in numbered steps (e.g. Step 1, Step 2...). You have to include the specific steps of DHCP, DNS, TCP connection and HTTP data packet explain the addressing information during the encapsulation at layer 4, 3, and 2

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We are not provided with information about how the PC connects to the network, so we can assume it receives an IP address via DHCP.

When the user from the PC first tries to access via its browser, the computer first interrogates the local DNS server residing in the same network with it - - requesting the IP address of the domain

The local DNS server looks into the records to see whether it has the required IP address. If it has it, then it transmits the address to the computer....

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