In 800 - 1000 words, describe in detail the function and capability of MPLS. What advantages can using MPLS have when employed in a networking environment. Also discuss MPLS from the computer scientists perspective.

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From technological perspective, MPLS (stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching) is an IETF initiative (Internet Engineering Task Force) that provides data delivery independently of the used access technology. This feature ensures increased scalability and adaptability within a wide range of high-performance telecommunication networks. Compared with other mechanisms (e.g. traditional IP routing), MPLS is focused entirely on the packet-forwarding decisions made on the contents of packet label (instead of effectively examining the packets). Based on these decisions, only the data is sent from one network node to another. The significant difference consists of the fact that instead of using the long network addresses format, which leads to comprehensive lookup records of the routing tables, MPLS prefers the short-path labels that identify the links between distant nodes and not endpoints (Cisco Systems, 2002)....

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