Subject Computer Science Network Management and Data Communication Keywords
Communication Model
Data Flow
SYN Flag
Internet Application
TCP/IP Implementation of the Communication Model

In this assignment, you will study the TCP/IP implementation of the communication model in a client-server network. You will also learn to manipulate numbers, text strings, and lists in Perl.

Research TCP/IP implementation of the communication model.

Based on your research and readings for the week, complete the following tasks:

- Provide a detailed table that lists 2–3 commonly encountered Internet applications and the protocols they use. Additionally, include in your table, in a separate column, the associated transport layer ports.
- In addition, explain why TCP implements a 3-way handshake for connection establishment. Is 2-way insufficient? Does 4-way add more reliability? Make sure to use your own graphic illustration to support your input.
As can be seen from the diagram, the connection is initiated by the end host through transmission of packet with ISN n and the payload field is kept empty. The SYN flag bit indicates that this is connection request. In step 2, the host...

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