OS Report and PPT About Scheduler, Round Robin, and Windows Scheduling (1000 words and 8 slides)

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Write a report in Microsoft Word and make a powerpoint (the presentation only for the last two questions) for the following assignment.

1) Explain the role of a scheduler in an operating system.

2) Briefly explain the difference between:
a.Long term scheduler
b.Medium term scheduler
c.Short term scheduler
And where they are applied to.

3) Choose ONE from the list of SCHEDULING ALGORITHM below and explain about them in terms such as:
- Its features
-Its mechanism / algorithm
-How it treats process request
-Its advantages and disadvantages
The SCHEDULING ALGORITHM to choose from are:

4.Types of scheduling algorithm implemented on one of the current Operation System (Choose ONE)
c.Mac OS
d.Android / IOS

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The scheduler of an operating system is the component responsible with the decision of when to run which process. It is necessary in order to obtain a good time sharing performance between the processes that request the control of the processor. It is assumed that processes are independent and that always compete for shared resources (Quinstreet Enterprise, 2015).
The process scheduler is considered a dispatcher for processes, because it decides if a process can continue to run or which process to be run instead of it (together with the corresponding time slice). The scheduler is able of changing the state of a process (e.g. from “waiting” to “running”).

The major difference between the three types of OS schedulers results from the frequencies of application for their main function.
The long term scheduler is also known as high-level scheduler or admission scheduler (Shenoy, 2008). It decides either to authorize a process to run (by including it into the set of executing processes) or to delay the execution of a task/process. This scheduler takes this decision based on the degree of the system supported concurrency level. This type of scheduler is suitable for real-time operating systems, but it is unpractical for desktop operating systems....
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