The project will consist of creating a simulation of an operating system scheduler handling multiple threads or processes. The student will create a program that launches 6 - 10 worker threads simulating a processor bound, I/O bound and an intermediate of the two types. The program will schedule the tasks using the First-Come, First-Served (FCFS), Shortest Job First, and Round Robin scheduling algorithms. The Program should be written in Java and the Round Robin algorithm should employ the suspend() and resume() thread methods.

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import java.util.*;

public class CPUBound {

    * @param args the command line arguments

    public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException {
       // TODO code application logic here
       HandlingQueue hq = new HandlingQueue();
       System.out.println("First come first served algorithm");
       System.out.println("Creating threads");
       hq.mode = 0;
       for (int i = 0; i < 6; i++)
            ThreadClient threadClient = new ThreadClient();
            threadClient.ID = i;
            threadClient.executionTime = (6 - i) * 100000000;
            System.out.println("Thread " + i + " created.");
       while (hq.mode != 3)
            //System.out.println("mode = " + hq.mode);
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