1) What are the general functions of processors, software, and networks? What role does the operating system play in these functions?

2) What is virtual memory and what are some factors that affect its performance?

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1) We recall that a typical CPU has two parts: control unit (known as CU) and arithmetical logic unit (ALU). We can regard it as being the brain of the system.
The CPU has the following functions:
1. Takes the instructions and data from the input device unit(s);
2. Keeps the instructions and data into memory unit;
3. Takes instructions and data from memory unit as and when are required to be for processed;
4. Executes the instructions one by one and sends corresponding signals to relevant unit, after it interprets them;
5. Performs all necessary arithmetical and logical operations in ALU;
6. Controls and dispatches the activities of all other implied units;...

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