Create a data collection script using Python for Windows. The Python script will execute the DOS shell command, “netsh wlan show all” and parse the output to get all visible wifi SSIDs, MAC addresses, and signal strengths. Insert statements will need to be constructed to insert this information to two tables in a database.

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import os
import re
import sys
import logging
import optparse
import MySQLdb
import subprocess

"""Script default configuration
DB_HOST = ''
DB_PORT = '3306'
DB_USER = 'wlanuser'
DB_PASS = 'wlanpass'
DB_NAME = 'wlandb'

class DB:
    """MySQL wrapper class
    def __init__(self, ahost = DB_HOST, aport = DB_PORT, auser = DB_USER, apasswd = DB_PASS, adb = DB_NAME):
       """Initialize database configuration
       self.conn = None = ahost
       self.port = aport
       self.user = auser
       self.passwd = apasswd
       self.db = adb

    def connect(self):
       """Connect to database
       self.conn = MySQLdb.connect(,port=int(self.port),user=self.user,passwd=self.passwd,db=self.db,use_unicode=True, charset="utf8")
    def cursor(self):
       """Get current cursor of database
            return self.conn.cursor()
       except (AttributeError, MySQLdb.OperationalError):
            return self.conn.cursor()

    def escape(self, str):
       """Returns escaped string
       if self.conn == None:
       return self.conn.escape_string(str)
    def query(self, sql):
       """Query database with SQL statement
            cursor = self.conn.cursor()
       except (AttributeError, MySQLdb.OperationalError):
            cursor = self.conn.cursor()
       return cursor

    def close(self):
       """Close connection
       if self.conn != None:

    def commit(self):
       """Manual commit database operation
def parse_command_line(argv):
    """Command line options parser for the script
    usage = "usage: %prog [options]"...
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