1. Create a Program That Allows You to Enter and Store a Student’s Name, College ID, and 4 Grades…
2. Enter the Information for at Least 5 Students…
3. Then Create a Report That Lists the College ID, Names, Grades and Average for All Students Entered…
4. In Addition to Creating and Using a Text File, You Must Create at Least THREE Functions…
5. Create Exception Handling for Both Data Entry and File Handling…
6. Log All Errors…
7. And Make Sure You Create a Flowchart FIRST!...
8. Be sure to submit both the program and the is okay to handwrite the flowchart…just make sure you scan if you hand wrote the flowchart, scan it or take a picture of it and submit...

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# Beginning of Student Records Class
class Stud_Recs:
    # Initalization function defintion
    def __init__(self,stud_name,college_id,stud_grd_1,stud_grd_2,stud_grd_3,stud_grd_4, stud_Avg):
       # Declare and set variables
    def wel_description():
       # Prints out the description descriptom
       print ("Welcome to Kelly's Stdent records table program")
       print ("\nPlease follow the instructions below to enter at least 5 students names, college ids, "
               "and the four test grades. Then, the average of four tests is calculated. Lastly, both " +
               "on screen and in text files with a student record and error logging.")
    # Read student file function defintion
    def read_Stud_File():
       # Try-Catch with File Reading
            # Printing message...

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