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Network Layer Datagram Routing Problem 1 (3 points). Consider the following undirected, weighted graph Step through Dijkstra’s algorithm to calculate the single-source shortest paths from A to every other vertex. As in the textbook, suppose N′ is the set of nodes whose least cost path definitively known, D(x) is the current value of cost of path from source A to destination x, p(x) is the predecessor node along the path. Show your steps in the table below, and use the table to show the lowest-cost path from node A to node F. Step N′ D(B), p(B) D(C), p(C) D(D), p(D) D(E), p(E) D(F), p(F) D(G), p(G) 0 {A} 1, A 3, A ∞ ∞ 10, A ∞ 1 2 3 4 5 6 Problem 2 (4 points). In the following we have a network of 7 subnets represented by NET ID: 1 - 7 connected by six routers (labeled as A, B, C, D, E, F). Each router periodically sends its knowledge of the network to all the neighbor routers (as indicated in the following figure), where the cost of each link connecting two neighbor routers is assumed to be 1. Suppose the initial routing table at each router is give as below where each entry is in the table has the format Net ID Cost Next Hop * * – and the dash in the table indicates the next hop is the network itself. Your task is to run the Distance-Vector algorithm to finalize the routing table at each router, and to present each routing table in the form Net ID Cost Next Hop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Link-Layer Frame Switching Problem 3 (2 points). Consider the figure below. The IP and MAC addresses are shown for nodes A, B, C, and D, as well as for the router’s interfaces. Consider an IP datagram being sent from node D to node A. Give the source and destination Ethernet addresses, as well as the source and destination addresses of the IP datagram encapsulated within the Ethernet frame at points (5), (4), (2) and (1). Problem 4 (1 point) Consider the 5-bit generator, G = 10011 and suppose that D has the value 1010101010. What is the value of the CRC R?

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