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R2.3 Write the following mathematical expressions in Python. YRS s=$6+06f+2812 2 FV = PV 1+ INT 100 a3 c - OUSAK p2(m1 + m2) R2.4 Write the following Python expressions in mathematical notation. * (sqrt(1 b. volume - pi c. volume - 4 * d.z = sqrt(x * x + y*y) Chapter 2 Programming with Numbers and Strings R2.5 What are the values of the following expressions? In each line, assume that : 2.5 a n) y 21-a.a.a.a.cill R2.6 What are the values of the following expressions, assuming thatni 17 andais e. sqrt(sqrt(n)) 18? d. (e+n) / 2.0 f. int(round(0.9 (n m)]) R2.7 What are the values of the following expressions? In each line, assume that 5 "Hello" "World" a. Ten(s) Ten(t) b. s[1] + s[2] c. 11 /21 d.s.t e.t.s R2.8 Find at least three compile-time errors in the following program. print(x, squared is. x) xcubed *** 3 R2.9 Find two run-time errors in the following program. from math import sort *-2 y - 4 print("The product of " x, "and", y, "is", x . y) print("Th root of their difference is ", sart(x y)) R2.10 Consider the following code segment. purchase 19.93 payment 20.00 change payment purchase print(change) The code segment prints the change 2$ 0.07000000000000028. Explain why. Give recommendation to improve the code so that users will not be confused.

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