The scale of the final project must be larger in scope than the homework assignments in at least one of the following dimensions:
• incorporating multiple datasets, possibly combining structured, semi-structured or text data
• conducting additional related analysis questions (either more complex questions or more questions)
• including additional types of analysis or collecting data, e.g. using another API or using Social Network Analysis

Project Report
Describe the data and its source(s), including any preprocessing

1. Project Background and Description
From 2000 to 2014, student loan debt in the United States quadrupled to $1.1 trillion dollars. As of
2014, there were 42 million borrowers and default rates were at their highest levels since the early 1990s. These statistics have economics declaring a student loan crisis. There is a concern that the amount of debt students is taking on could result in a long-term detriment on their financial well-being (Looney & Yannelis, 2015). The amount of student loans is increasing at a rate of $100 billion per year (Best & Best, 2014).
Historically, student loans were a debt instrument mainly used to fund higher education pursuits of students enrolling in four-year colleges and universities. However, since Great Recession, a new type of borrower emerged, these borrowers were older students who enrolled in part time degrees at twoyear schools or for-profit colleges. Historically, these borrowers made up a small portion of all student loan borrowers. In 2014, they made up almost half of new borrowers (Looney & Yannelis, 2015).
The goal of this analysis is to determine if it is possible to identify the control or primary degree offered by school based on different attributes.

2. Project Scope
(Professor comment: Rather than focus on yes/no questions, can you instead rephrase the question? For example, rather than ask whether private schools have a higher default rate than public schools, you could try to determine how predictive the public/private variable is of the likelihood of default?)
*Below are all or some of the questions that needs to be answered using data analysis Is the Median Debt at For-Profit Schools higher compare to Non-profit?
Do For-Profit Schools have a higher Default Rate?
Are Non-Traditional Students graduating with higher loans?
Default Rate for Non-Traditional Borrowers

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