For this assignment, we're going to create a python program for the problem below.
You have 2 tasks:

1. Write pseudocode which clarifies and breaks the code down step by step.
2. Write python code which runs the program.

The actual program you're writing is a math game.
The program chooses from a random set of math problems and if you're correct, you get a "Correct!" message.
If you're incorrect you get a "You got it wrong!" message.
The user can quit by inputting q.
If the user doesn't input a digit, output a syntax error, "Enter an integer.".

The problem
We would like a program that repeatedly displays simple multiplication and division problems, waits for the user's answer, and checks the answer for correctness.
Each multiplication problem will have single-digit operands.
Each division problem shall be the inverse of a multiplication problem with single-digit operands, so that the answer will also be a single digit.
The program will display a prompt character '>' to let the user know it is waiting for an answer.
The program will terminate when the user presses the 'q' key.
These are the kinds of problems it should create:
8 x 9 = ?
63 / 7 = ?
56 / 7 = ?
5 x 0 = ?

It can use the 'x' to represent multiplication and '/' to represent division.

A session may look like
$ mathq
Welcome to the math question program.
4 x 8 = ?
> 32
54 / 6 = ?
> 8
You got it wrong! 54 / 6 = 9
7 * 7 = ?
Enter an integer.
4 * 5 = ?
> q
Thank you for playing mathq. Bye.

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import random

# print the first message
print('Welcome to the math question program.')

# loop until user enters q
while True:
    # chose a random operator / or x
    operator = random.randint(0, 1)
    # generate random operand
    op1 = random.randint(1, 9)
    op2 = random.randint(0, 9)

    # do multiplication

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