1. Write a program that uses a function to calculate the double value of a number:

---Write a DOUBLE function that: 1) takes an input parameter and 2) returns the 2 * input parameter (the double)
---Then calls the DOUBLE function with parameter 3.1415 and then prints the return value

2. The program to write now is: "Guess a number between 1 and 100"
-The Python program should produce a secret number.
-The user may guess again and again until the guess is the same as the secret speech.
-Every time the user guesses, the python program should print "Guessing is too small", "Guessing is too big" or "You guessed right"

Random number tips:
from random import radint
number = radint (1,100)rnrn3.

The program to write now is "draw a triangle".
-The Python program should first ask for the width (positive integer, 0 or greater) and then draw a triangle.
-First row should be one star, second row two **, then *** until the number of stars is what was stated as width.
-Then the triangle ends by printing in the opposite way.
-The Python program must use for-loops.
-(Check out some multi-checks of the input, but do not need to make error checks as the user is considered to be kind)
-If the program only manages widths> = 2 stars, two points are deducted.

What a program run looks like:

Enter maximum width:

Enter maximum width: 5

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width = int(input("Enter maximum width: "))

for i in range(1, width+1):
    print('*' * i)...
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