Write a paper on the following topics:
• Structured Programming (be sure to look at the argument that E. Dijkstra made in his famous paper "GOTO Considered Harmful.").
• Nassi-Shneiderman structure charts (yes, that's Ben Shneiderman, before he became famous for his work in HCI).
• Formal proofs of correctness.
• Structured Analysis and Design (with dataflow diagrams).

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The term “structured programming” was named by Dijkstra (1969). He is accredited with the origination of the concepts in this field. In the late sixties, the programmers had to manage complicated software as the size of the computers was becoming larger and the software needs were becoming complex. One of the main concerns raised by Dijkstra (1968) was the use of the GO-TO statement. He noted that there was the need to abolish this statement from all types of programs as it impaired the quality of the program and this control-flow statement produced harmful and undesirable results. He focused on designing a program in layers in a systematic manner and this led to the evolution of the concept of structured programming. This paper presents an analysis of the topic along with its application in software management and development.
Structured programming: Concepts
Gries (1974) had pointed...
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